22 June 2020

Primary 1 Phonics

Role: Phonics teacher and entertainer
Since 2016, I've been teaching Primary 1 Phonics as part of after school programmes. That means 15 to 20 P1 students, who are already done with their day, get sent to Mr. Andy for an hour of phonics. I love working with KS1 students, but 20 P1 students, tired and/or wired, can be a challenge, especially if the material is lacking. The first time I taught the course, I was given two pages of material (8 minutes of work), some A4 flashcards, and a minimal PowerPoint to work with. After a couple of classes, I enhanced the PowerPoints by adding activities that involved Total Physical Response (TPR) and some simple board work. Luckily the classes had a whiteboard so I could project on that and have students mark or circle things. They liked it a lot, though it was sometimes hard to get them back in their seats.

Now I mostly teach Letterland phonics, which is a blast, but I've cleaned up the PowerPoints I made, added teacher's notes, and created worksheets for 16 sets of minimal pairs. The lesson links take you directly to the folders, which each include a PPT and four worksheets. They are yours for the taking. If you like/use them, or have any suggestions, please feel free to drop me a comment. 

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