22 June 2020

EF Efekta English Vocabulary A1 to C2

Role: Project editor
One of my latest projects with EF was Efekta English Vocabulary, a communicative course specially designed for students who want to increase the breadth and depth of their vocabulary knowledge. The books covered CEFr levels A1 to C2, six book in total with 12 lessons each, covering different topic areas for each level. The goal was to present students with key vocabulary in realistic contexts to help them understand not just the meaning of the words but also how words work together.

I worked with EF's fab publishing manager, Stefanie Smith, to build the course from the ground up, e.g. choosing topics, selecting vocabulary, suggesting activities and input texts. I managed the budget, hiring of the team (8 writers and 5 editors), content production, the production schedule, and so on.

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