30 June 2020

Skill Smart x 2, Step Ahead

Role: Senior editor/Chief editor
The Skill Smart series for the Hong Kong Certificate Examination in English (HKCEE) was the first set of products for the secondary ELT team at Educational Publishing House (EPH). When I arrived at EPH in May 2006, production was already under way. In my first couple of weeks, the director and project manager asked me to review the content. We made some minor adjustments, hit our deadline, and went on to take in 15% of the market in our first sales season.

We then went on to prepare an ELT course for senior secondary school, Step Ahead, for submission to the education bureau in 2008. It became the first secondary ELT course from EPH to be accepted by the Education Bureau, all this thanks to a passionate, dedicated team.

And along with Step Ahead, we produced a new Skill Smart series for a new examination, the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). 

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